Detour for Omnitrans Route 2 northbound

SbX construction has started in two new areas of Hospitality Lane.  This construction is only on the north side of the street and will only affect Route 2 northbound.  The traffic will be reduced to only one lane and the construction activities will include the removal of curb and sidewalks

The first detour takes place at Carnegie and follows Carnegie around until it rejoins Hospitality Lane just east of TGIFriday’s.  The second detour will be at Hunts Lane.  Buses will turn south on Hunts Lane, turn right on E street and rejoin the normal route at E & Hospitality Lane.  There is an alternate stop on Hunts Lane & Hospitality Lane southbound far side.  This stop will serve the County building (Hall of Records) that is behind the Soup Plantation.  There is another stop on Carnegie & Hospitality Lane, westbound far side as well.

This detour will be in place for approximately three months.


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