A bus driver’s favorite moment

Omnitrans passengers love coach operator JoJo for her no-nonsense attitude and sense of humor. “I keep it real,” she laughs. “I try every day to provide the best service I can.”

Recently JoJo was driving a route out in Muscoy, when she noticed a woman standing about 100 yards from the bus stop, appearing lost. “She was dressed to the nines and in the absolute middle of nowhere. From the way she was looking around, I had a pretty strong feeling she was trying to catch the bus.”

When Jojo pulled the bus over, she saw that the woman wasn’t alone but had two small girls with her, dressed in ball gowns. The three quickly boarded the bus, thanking the driver profusely for picking them up. The mother explained that they were on their way to a quincenera but that they hadn’t been sure where to catch the bus to get there. If JoJo hadn’t stopped for them, they would never have made it in time.

Finally the family arrived at their destination. As the little girls climbed down from the bus, they handed JoJo a thank you note they had written for her during the trip.

“You know,” said JoJo. “Sometimes people ask me why I like being a bus driver. This is why. It’s really not about the money or the pats on the back when you do a good job. It’s about people who need you and the feeling you get when you know you’ve made a difference in their lives. It’s about moments like this. This–this is the best.”







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