Coach Operators reach out to autistic students

Omnitrans coach operators Marianne and Larry Rose recently gave a presentation to a class of autistic students at Colton High School. The students asked many questions and were very interested in the daily schedule of a bus driver. They also learned how they can ask a bus driver for help if they can’t find their parents or a policeman.

As parents of an autistic son, Marianne and Larry stressed the important role public transit will play in the future for these students. They finished up the talk by distributing goodie bags, which were a huge hit.

Thank you, Marianne and Larry, for reaching out to make a difference in our community!



One response to “Coach Operators reach out to autistic students

  1. This is so amazingly important. We need to get the word out that our spectrum kiddos need us to build the infrastructure for them to get around. We need BRT and better public transit in towns and small cities too. We have a Facebook page dedicated to this cause so please join us as we grow and get louder!

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